About Me - Bridget Daehler Photography

About me...

I purchased my first cannon SLR camera and lens in 1997 just before an international trip and soon discovered a hidden talent. Photography soon became my passion.  What began as a diversion from my reality and passionate hobby, became my career in 1999.   I was "discovered" at a restaurant in Chicago and the story goes like this:  I was showing a friend black and white baby photos I took of my son when a young mother walking by asked me who took them.  I admitted I was responsible for creating the images and she begged me to photograph her baby.  A studio was born in my basement and the rest is history.

My love is outdoor, natural light photography of subjects in their most natural state.  If eyes are the windows to the soul, then my job is to best capture those eyes and tell a story about who the person is or the relationship that the people have in the photos.  I love what I do and look forward to making beautiful images for all who cross my path!  Thank you for getting to know me a little here and I look forward to our time together!